Hi! From Graham, Washington - The Emerald City - Siberian Husky Here!

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Washington - WA
My name is Araeya, I am new to the community, and I am trying to re-home my beautiful purebred Siberian husky Koda.

We have the most wonderful beautiful Siberian husky. His name is Koda. He just turned 1. He's all up to date on his Vaccinations. He is also chipped. He is not nutered. We unfortunately can not keep him, because the home owner that we rent from said he's too big of a dog for our home. We tried to contact to previous owner to get our money back and return him, to no avail. So we decided to give Him to a caring family. He's great with ppl, he loves to play and run. You will need to have a fully fenced yard. He likes to be an escape artist 😂. But usually all huskys are. He knows tricks, like sit, lay down, rollover, and shake or (paw) for treats. He's house trained. He comes with food, toys, etc. If interested please let us know. Only serious inquiries only. We only want him in a great home.


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