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Hey everyone
I'm new here and im currently hunting for loving homes for a surplus in kittens and adult cats. Some of these cats are skiddish around people but are slowly coming around and would make excellant barn cats. People have a habit of dumping cats and kittens where I live and I tame most of them and try and find homes for them. Im located in Lake Anna near fredricksburg viriginia. Id like to exhuast all my options of trying to find homes before turning them over to the local shelter but ive gotten to a point where finding homes has gotten very very difficult and people keep dropping more and more off. Some of them pregnant sometimes kittens to young to fend for themselves. im hoping that this website will help because its gotten way to expensive for me to keep feeding all these strays and I am not financially in a place to comtinie to do this. I cant really bring anymore into my home. All the kittens I take in are other kitty friendly and big dog little dog and kid broken... My labs think they are surrogate moms 😁
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