Hello from Kansas - Boxer Lover Here

Connie Sutherland

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Kansas - KS
Hello my name is Connie. And I am a lover of boxers, my 2 year old, Cheyenne just had her first liter. Five little boys and one little girl. Needless to say its been a real challenge, five days after Cheyenne had her pups she was bit by a copper head. I almost lost her. So I became mommy and caretaker over night the puppies had to be bottle fed for a couple of long days but they are all very healthy and momma is doing fine now. It is going to be very hard to give them up but I know I can't keep all of them, which is why I'm making intros now. I hope to find at least 4 of my furbabies loving forever families who love boxers as much as I do. Thank you in advance for the ones who fall in love with my and Cheyennes furbabies.20190730_134451_HDR.jpg
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