Hello from Joseph in Georgia


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Georgia - GA
Hi everyone My name is Joseph I am turning 65 and looking forward to semi-retirement. I have always had dogs and cats but for the past four years I have been raising Pigs, Goats, and most recently Cows. being involved in the birthing process of all these has inspired me to get into dog breeding. I am considering doing it as a hobby to start and hopefully grow it into a source of supplemental income. We currently have in our family, Mikey, a two year old male Chihuahua mix, Reeces Pieces, an eight month old female chocolate and tan Chiweenie who we plan to breed to each other, and Zaccheaus, a fourteen monyh old male full blooded Basset Hound without papers whom I plan to breed to a registered female that I am currently in search of . any information or advise would be welcomed. Thanks in advance for any help.
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