Handsome Saluki

Stephanie Jones

New member
Date Born
December 2018
Location: City
Location: State
New York
My name is Avni, I am a 7 month old male Saluki mix. I’m from Oman, I have been in America for about 3 1/2 months and have been in three different foster houses. My first two foster homes weren’t very loving but I am here with great foster parents. I am still wishing for my forever home, where I will be with people who can show me affection and have time to help me grow. I love to run and play so it would be ideal to have a nice area to run around in, but not necessary if you have time to take me out on walks daily.
I am super friendly with all types of animals, from guinea pigs to cats and doggos. I am very smart and learn quickly. I am also kennel trained which I actually enjoy, it’s like my safe haven. I love playing ball and chewing on my rubber bone. And of course I’m a huge cuddler and would love to join you on the couch 🥰.
If you have any questions about or for me please contact my foster parents asap. Thank you and I can’t wait to be your forever doggo!