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Great Oodle
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September 8th
$100 but mainly looking for good forever homes
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They are 8 weeks old, vaccinated, and ready for their forever homes! One picture is of their parents. They both have black surrounding their eyes but the white hair on their foreheads and bridges of their noses is so long that you can’t tell.

Their parents are in a majestically fluffy league of their own! I drove 17 hours to get their mother. They are large (100lbs give or take), have SUPER FLUFFY silky soft hair, and no under coats! Their fluff is comparable to a Newfoundland or Sheep Dog but much softer thinner strands making them much easier to groom. They are roughly 50% Great Pyrenees, 25% Golden Retriever, 25% Poodle. They potty trained themselves, taught themselves how to open doors, are protective, and they love-love-love to cuddle! We refer to them as our “giant stuffed animals”.

The puppies go to the potty 80% of the time on AstroTurf but are still little and haven’t mastered their angles yet so they still often miss a little.

Interested? Questions? Private message me.

It says Pomeroy Ohio but we travel to our place in Lake Erie.


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