Great Dane for Sale - 2 Year Old Blue Brindle Male


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2-year-old blue brindle neutered male. This dog is BIG. 150 lbs and about 4 feet at his shoulders. He is purebred and beautiful but does not come with papers as it cost extra when I bought him. He is also special needs as he has Addison's Disease controlled by medication. He takes a daily pill (costs a few dollars per month) and a monthly at-home shot ($80 per month). Homes will be fully vetted. He is very large so he cannot go to a home with children under 10. He is big and clumsy! This dog is sweet as can be and very much loves his people. Needs an owner with time for him. Would like him to go to a home with another dog because he loves to play! Must have a large yard to run around in. $500 rehoming fee.

Rehoming with a heavy heart because I have small children at home and no longer am married so he is caged too long while I am at work. He deserves more!
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