Gray & Black Shorthair Tabby Kittens for Adoption Near Ocala, Florida

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(photo taken a few weeks ago)
names: dash and violet
description: one boy and one girl, both around 3 months old. very affectionate and playful. they love to sleep with you, cuddle, and kiss you. currently they are indoor cats and litterbox trained. not vaccinated or spayed.
price: $20 each
will come with: about a half a bag of kitten food (full if you are adopting both); toys; litter (scented, will be divided if you are only taking one); wet food; bag of treats; scratching post ($5 extra, first come, first served); litter box with scoop (free, first come, first served).
i expect their new owners to care for them, and would prefer if they are kept together, but it is not a requirement. if this is a gift for a child's birthday, please ensure that they are careful with them and are supervised around these kittens. prices listed are very fair considering the price of adoption at shelters, especially because supplies are given.
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