Gorgeous, Trained, Friendly Akita/German Shepherd Puppy - California

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Akita / German Shepherd Dog
Dana Point
California - CA
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Gorgeous, Socialized, Well-Behaved Female Akita / German Shepherd Puppy
Age: 19 months - Born: November 2018
Gender: Female - Spayed
Temperament: Gentle, Friendly, Highly Intelligent, Alert, Loyal, Obedient, Well-Behaved, Playful, Sweet, Quiet, Calm, Rarely Barks
Color: Tri-Color - Black, White, Cream - Thick Medium-Length Double-Coat - Unique, Beautiful Markings
Weight: 47 lbs
Price: $900

Micro-Chipped. Clean Bill of Health. Up-to-date on all vaccines, and is on a Monthly Heartworm/Flea/Tick Preventative. Complete Vet Records. Spayed. Crate-Trained & Fully House-Trained. Indoor dog. Good both on-leash and off-leash.

She has been raised in a very loving, affectionate, attentive, and active household since she was 9 weeks old. We spend quality time and exercising with her outdoors on a daily basis. Loves to cuddle. Very Active - Loves running, hiking, long nature walks, water, and swimming at the beach. Enjoys going to the dog park and running around in the backyard. Loves riding in the car, going on road trips. Playing fetch with her favorite ball, as well as other games, and training activities.

Well-socialized from a very young age. Absolutely loves people, good with children, very friendly and playful with other dogs especially of similar size and larger. She loves playing with huskies, shepherds, and similar active breeds that love to run. Would do very well in a home with other friendly medium or large dogs.

Obedient and responds to MANY verbal commands and phrases. Very fast learner, eager to please. Wants to be near her humans. Due to her intelligent, active, and loyal nature and breeds, she requires daily physical and mental stimulation, play, and engagement. Someone that is experienced with Akitas and/or German Shepherds works from home, has a large fenced-in backyard, and leads a very active, outdoor lifestyle would be an ideal fit. As mentioned, she loves going to the beach and swimming in the ocean or at the lake.

Approved homes only. Must have a fenced-in backyard.
Located in Southern California. Local Meet Up & Pick Up ONLY. No Shipping.


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