German Shorthaired Pointer Will Always Be in My House

Jun 11, 2019
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Oklahoma - OK
My wife introduced me 18 months ago to them, the GSP which is the German Shorthaired Pointer aka asshole! Since then they have easily taken place as my favorite breed. Never loved a litter enough to consider keeping all eight of them but I want to. But I know they all soon will be sent to their own homes and humans. Where they can Bird!!!! And Bird!!!!

Our crazy ass, lady Sansa Of House Price, traditional colors of white with liver spots was chosen for the master bird dogs that they are 18 months ago to accompany my falconer wife in the field while hunting with her red tail. In March, Sansa gave birth to eight pups that I'm going to have to let go of.

I have been stunned almost at times, what a mother our Lady Sansa has been these last two and a half months, and still, watches over and gives everything, her attention and even her own bed to her brewd.

The Vet raves over them all. They are definitely AKC registered GSP with all the shot records and labs you'll need to know the dogs are winners! I'll never let go of my Sansa. We will send these pups to good people. Price negotiable.


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