German Shepherd for Sale in Groveland, Florida


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German Shepherd
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LARGE 4 year old German Shepherd for sale. Well manored and trained.

Hi guys, we are in need of a loving family home with a fenced in yard for our large full bred German Shepherd. We adopted him approximately 6 months ago. Hes 4 years old. He extremely friendly to every single person. Friendly with dogs as well. He came from a home with 4 dogs previously. We have a 1 and half year old and 7 month old. Hes friendly toward the babies as well. He absolutely loves to play catch. Go on walks and runs. Can sit, stand, heel on command. He tends to have separation anxiety if left alone so it would be ideal if he was with other dogs or mainly humans throughout the day. He was neglected emotionally and left alone for 12-14 hours a day previously, so he needs all the love he deserves. He comes with wet and dry dog food. Victor has been a good healthy brand he likes with Dave's wet dog food. We moved and do not have a fenced in yard and that would be a requirement as he needs to release his energy and play. Unfortunately we cannot care for him and it breaks our hearts as he is the perfect dog. We would love for him to meet your family first and to your home to ensure he goes to the right place. We do not have the papers on him but the last owner stated his was tested and is a full bred. With his massive size he is very desirable as he is not fixed. Bloodwork can confirm this. He will come with 2 large bowls and some food as well. Let me know if you are interested. [email protected]


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