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Minuet (Napoleon)
Colorado - CO
Nonstandard male kitten (currently 5 weeks old) from champion lines. Father is Supreme Grand Champion and Regional Winner of 2016-2018, Clawed Lemeiux of Tiny Lions and mother is Blueskies Lady Bing of Tiny Lions. Pedigrees available for review.

Kitten is a brown classic tabby and white but may carry chocolate, dilute, non-agouti, and points. This kitten's litter name is Pepe. He will be able to go home after January 8th. He will go home neutered and microchipped in his new pet parent's name and will have full registration, including show rights. BEWARE any kitten that does not come with registration or have pedigreed lines.

We are a home based, closed program breeder and breed only a few times a year. Our only stud is Claude (Clawed Lemieux). Our cats are family raised, as well as our kittens, and you may learn more about us at You may also call to speak to us in person or visit our home to see our cats and kittens.

When Pepe is ready, he will have had 3 sets of intranasal vaccinations (core kitten vaccines given intranasally), neuter, microchip, de-worming, and a full health exam, including eyes to check for scratches, tumors, and uveitis. He comes with a full health guarantee (you may review upon request). Parents have been tested against PKD, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Muccopolysacchiridosis and found negative. Results are available for review. We also DNA test all our cats for color coat so we know what we produce.

Pepe will be fully socialized with people, including children, dogs, cats, and strangers. He will not flinch around loud noises and have had travel training. He will be acclimated to all forms of grooming, including bathing, blow drying, and nail trimming.

Pepe has developed a personality at this point. He is extremely attached to people and gravitates toward them. He wants attention and loves to play. Our kittens are known for their loving nature.

We show cats extensively and know our breed. We guarantee that you will get a quality Minuet (once known as Napoleon). BEWARE other breeders who claim their cats are Minuets/Napoleons but don't show or register their cats.

The first two pictures are of Pepe. The last two are to show you what a Bing/Claude baby will look like when it becomes an adult. Duchess is currently the #3 Household Pet Internationally with TICA (worldwide). At the moment, only standard minuets (short legs) can show in championship in TICA and nonstandards show in Household Pet class, an extremely competitive class. We are working on getting nonstandard minuets (regular leg length) to be accepted into championship now.

The only difference between a nonstandard (regular leg length) and a standard Minuet (short legs) is the leg length. Both can be produced in the same litter. They both have the same vintage Persian face (doll-faced), lush coat, and charming personality.


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