Full Breed Mini Poodle - 18 Weeks

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Miniature Poodle
Messi is a 100% full breed miniature poodle. He is from a poodle ranch that specializes in all poodle breeds and his pure bloodlines are traced back sixty years. Messi weighs 18 pounds at 5 months and is a beautiful fawn color with a small spot of white on his beard because he is a distinguished gentleman. Messi is fully potty pad trained and almost fully house trained. He knows the seven commands and is extremely smart and easy to train. He is great with people and is a real lover boy. Cuddling is his favorite thing to do. He plays extremely well with dogs as well. Messi is in perfect health and he is up to date on all shots and has had a very healthy diet. Unfortunately, my husband is having a serious surgery and I will have to be his caretaker for several months. It pains me to provide him a new home, but I cannot handle both. I am very serious about finding him the perfect home so there will be screenings in person to make sure that he is going to a place that will give him the love and attention he needs. I am sure you can understand our desire to make sure he gets the best. I will also be providing all of his toys and accessories so that he can have a smoother adjustment. The adoption fee is a very small fraction of Messi’s original cost as he is from a very prestigious breeder and is simply to make sure the new home is serious and able to care for a puppy. Email me or call. Thank you so much.


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