Fox Terrier Puppies for Sale in Creston, Ohio


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Those that know us (or shop at Whitefeather) know our great dog Charlie. He’s a fox terrier/blue heeler mix. These are two of his puppies, and they are for sale. Mom is a fox terrier too. Charlie weighs 26lbs, these dogs will wind up right around there. Mom was a little bigger than Charlie.

Bucky and Apollo. Born on 05/17/19. We’ve had them at our place since July 1st. They are now 4.5 months old. Bucky is the one who looks like he has eye liner on (named after Bucky Barnes from Avengers), Apollo is the one with more white on his side, like the moon, named in honor of the moon landing’s 50th anniversary.

Both are kennel trained, have had shots, and are wormed regularly. $75 each, $100 for the pair. They would do great together. They are great with kids. We are selling because we have Charlie and are keeping one of the other pups.


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