Ferrets & Cage for Sale in Columbus, Ohio


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I have 3 ferretts for sale including their big 2 level cage for them when not out running around. I would really like for Zorro, Po and Flower to stay together. I am in total regard to these 3 and with sadness must sell them. They all are very healthy.


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Hi there! All of your ferrets are absolutely adorable. I’ve been looking for a ferret for quite some time now, but unfortunately haven’t found any in my area. I live in Galt California, and already have a cage for a ferret ready. I would only be able to take one. I know this is a stretch but would there be any way you could transport a ferret to my area? He/she would go to a very good home!


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Hello. I’m sorry but I do not feel comfortable with shipping them, but I hope you find a great ferret!
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