Ferret in Western Pennsylvania (Cage & Accessories Included)

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Approx. 3/15/19
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Hello, I am moving and not able to take my ferret with me. He is a male, about 5 months old. His name is Reno.

Reno will come with a three-story cage with toys, water bottle, food dish and litter box with other items such as hammock and tunnels.
He is used to being outside of his cage (he has his own room where I'm staying now), but he does go back into his cage to sleep, eat and use the litter box. He loves to run around, play and be a big ball of energy. He will need more training as I am not able to give him the attention he needs due to work hours and traveling for work. He just needs more hand-on attention and a lot more play time with his human.

He is fixed and de-scented. I was told he was given shots before I got him, but I do not have any paperwork on him.

I need to rehome him ASAP as I am moving in 3 weeks.

Price negotiable.

Nicknames that he knows: Reno, Reno-roo, Reno-rooski


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