Female Blue Brindle Pit Bull for Adoption in Rochester, New York


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American Pit Bull Terrier
Female Blue Brindle 1.5yrs in need of better suiting home ASAP

Hi everyone, we have a 1.5 year Female (NOT SPAYED) Blue Brindle Pitbull named Rouge (possibly some Bully in her.) We adopted her on Labor Day and she is not adjusting well in our home... We have a 4 year old Male Pitbull who is very smart, sweet, respectful, and submissive. He has been our center of attention for 2.5 years. We wanted to get him a Female as a companion, so we adopted Rouge. She is EXTREMELY affectionate, loves belly rubs and to give kisses. She will climb up in your lap and sleep next to you in bed. She is the ultimate cuddle bug and would do best in a family environment with maybe some kids to love all over. It's just my fiance and I, plus our Male but she wants to be the Queen and Center of Attention. With that being said, everytime we love on Benny (our Male) she will rush over, push him out of the way and bully him, so that she steals all the attention. We do not like this. We have tried to tell her "no" or "down/off" and she doesn't seem to know any commands and isn't respectful of space. She is simply a puppy and she's just not for us. The previous owner gave us false information and we do not have the time to train. If you are able to provide LOTS of attention and training. She will be the perfect dog. She is stunningly beautiful and has a great coat, loves toys and water. Not a huge fan of car rides but is getting more and more use to it. She will be a faithful companion for anyone that loves pitbulls and all they are. We haven't had her long, but she really is great. Just wish we had more time. Please feel free to text or call me for more info on Rouge. No papers on her but do know she is up-to-date on rabies & vaccines (left papers with previous owner, could get them from them if necessary.) We have a feeding bowl/harness/leash/collar/bone that will go with her. We are asking $250 (what we paid for her) and want to make sure she goes to a good home.


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Is she still available??
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