Female Bengal Kitten

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My wife and I are selling our beautiful bengal, Tia. She was born on 11/21/18, she's still a kitten to us.

Also included in this price is all her toys, food (dry & wet), grooming equipment, litter box, litter, transport cage, leash, sleeping pillow.

She is not neutered. Perfect for a breeder or a family looking for a new companion.

I am willing to deliver her myself if you cover the costs of me getting to you.

Please contact me for more information, questions, inquiries.

Enjoy the pictures.

If for some reason you cannot see the full picture please feel free to contact me and I will send you more.


  • tia layng.JPG
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mahamza0 ; I am sorry to hear you are saying goodbye to your cat. Im a bit taken back but may I ask why? I owned a Bengal 20 years ago and he was so sweet. I wondered if there were any habits I should know about. Has there been any biting or any - excuse the pun-cat fights to understand? I'm searching the internet for just the right cat for us. I used to volunteer for a vet for two years before becoming a dental hygienist. I wish I had seen your ad last week because we were planning a trip to Corning NY on 12-7-19 . My eldest son will be in corning all day Saturday.
My brother drives through Hershey pa often-like next Tuesday night around 930 pm then back through about a week later- towards me-(which would be the request of you not selling her out from under me if I get you a down payment. These could be contacts for us to meet up. I have to say- ive run into 3 scammers that really laid it on thick and invited me to their house to stay overnight and eat with them to get to know each other. Either way; if you cold tell me a little more about tia that would help. looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you could send more photos or videos of her bad girl behaviors.Thank you;
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