Female Australian Shepherd Sisters for Adoption Near Austin, TX

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Australian Shepherd
$750 for both
2 - Female Australian Shepherd Sisters both Merles

Looking to rehome 2-15 mo female full bred Aussies together to a loving home. They are so loving and willing to please and absolutely love each other. My work schedule has changed drastically and they need much more attention and love then I can give them right now. They are both between 30-35 lbs, vet says they prob won’t go over 35 lb. up to date on shots. Blue Merle has 1/4 blue right eye and is spayed and microchipped. Red Merle has 2 full blue eyes and is not spayed or microchipped yet . I’ve had 3 other Aussies before and I just love this breed. So loving. So playful and willing to please. These 2 are no exception. Smart as whips. Love the frisbee and balls. Great with people and other dogs. They came with AKC reg papers. I paid $750 each as puppies and am looking to rehome them together for $750 (1/2 price). They would do great on a ranch, farm or with family that his kids that have time to play with them. Please contact me or text if interested.
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