F1BB Multi-Generation Labradoodle Puppy Available


F1BB Labradoodle
Female Labradoodle Puppy available and ready to go home 8/16/19 - $1600
Cream and champagne color and her fur will be much more like that of a poodle (although it won't look like that until she's older, just the way it works with poodles)
Very laid back little sweetheart but she also loves to play! She loves cuddling, too!

Dam: F1B Chocolate Labradoodle, CKC registered
Sire: Chocolate Phantom Sable Standard Poodle, AKC registered

We are a family who just loves our furbabies and wanted to share their babies with the world so they can touch others' lives as they have ours! All our furbabies stay inside with us but get loads of outside fun, playtime and exercise, too. We don't keep our babies in kennels or crates because we believe in a more hands on approach. From 3 days old, our puppies go through the Biosensor Neonatal Handling Routine to help desensitize them to typical dog fears or anxieties, such as thunder, vet visits, grooming procedures, etc. We work with them every day to make sure they feel comfortable in this great big world with all our craziness around them. We also implement socialization training at an early age.

This doll baby, whom we like to call Pistachio, has passed all our desensitization and socialization training! She doesn't mind being held on her back, having her claws trimmed, playing with her paws, mouth, ears, etc. She loves baths and doesn't even mind being blown dry. She is a very patient dog who could come across as reserved or shy to those who haven't spent more time with her than we have but it's more that she's cautious, very aware of her surroundings and wants to make sure everything is safe and sound before she tackles a situation. Pistachio's fur will be easy to maintain due to her generation. She will provide a more allergy friendly environment for your family with no shedding, or an extremely small amount if any whatsoever.

Pistachio will go home with:

VET healthcheck
First set of puppy vaccines
De-wormer treatment
Flea & Tick Treatment
One week supply of current dog food
Treats for training
Blanket & toy with Mom and siblings' scents for comfort and ease of transition into her new furever home

We don't offer shipping, however, we will deliver Pistachio for a travel fee of $50/hour, up to 4 hours of Thomasville, GA.
Please visit our website for more in depth information and contract information.



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