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April 22nd 2019
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2 rare patterned Sphynx kittens available! They were born on Easter so are available now until mid July. Unexpected circumstances with the original family that reserved them occurred so they are now available again.

They have received their first sets of shots (FVRCP) and have been dewormed and tested for parasites. You'll receive a copy of the medical chart and vaccination history. The parents have been FIV, FLV and FIP tested as well.

They are unaltered so you could breed them if you wish. I will also give you hundreds of baby photos! I am not a breeder, the mom and dad are my personal pets so they are not kept in cages or treated as anything less than family. I am serious about finding loving caring families for each kitten and highly recommend that you read up thoroughly on the Sphynx breed and know what to expect from these exotic cats before contacting me.

They are not technically hypoallergenic however I have a severe cat dander + saliva allergy yet I have zero issues with these cats. My female is 1/4 Devon Rex and my male is full Sphynx. The kittens are 1/8 Devon Rex and 7/8 Sphynx. This is important for two reasons, the genetic diversity is protective in regards to the health issues (HCM etc.) that purebred Sphynx’ face. Secondly they have a lanugo type hair, a very fine coat which allows them to clean themselves unlike a normal Sphynx. This makes a huge difference when it comes to bathing!!! I only bathe mine when they get into something dirty as oppose to most Sphynx’ who require sometimes weekly baths.

Rehoming fee is $1500 each
-Black female
-Grey striped tabby male

They are in the process of being toilet seat trained with the Litter Kwitter system so they won’t require a litter box! No more scooping poop, smelling a dirty litter box, or paying for litter!!!

They are socialized to humans, dogs and children.
I am happy to answer any questions or set an appointment for you to meet them :)


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