English Mastiff Puppies for Sale in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Jan 31, 2020
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English Mastiff
I have 5 mastiff puppies for sale. Two fawn with black mask males and three female fawn with black mask. They are pre registered with the CKC. I have both the Dam and Sire on premises. My Dam is Brindle with black mask and my Sire is a Fawn with full black mask. My Dam is actually dual registered with the AKC and the CKC. My Sire is CKC and America Pet Registry. On his Sire’s side there is AKC Champion blood line through out. But his mother’s side they only registered with the CKC. I’m currently working with the AKC to have him registered with the AKC. I’m doing a DNA test for him. And other things. But it does not take anything away from his gentle loving way. His calm temperament or his beautiful sound structure. My Sire is muscular and lean, he isn’t over weight his mask is full and he is just a beautiful stud. My female is gentle loving and is a great mother. She naturally whelped her litter with no complications and did not need any assistance what so ever. Both have been well socialized and loved. They were thoroughly checked by my veterinarian who said that I could breed the two together. They are very smart and know a lot of commands. My male will actually give you his paw a hundred times a day if you let him. They are very affectionate. On February 4, 2020 they will be ready to be placed in there new homes. They will be exactly 12 weeks old. I keep the puppies for 12 weeks to ensure that they are well socialized with other pets and humans. Plus it ensures that they are able to imprint and this will ensure happy socialized puppies. They have all been given a good bill of health. They have had there shots and have been dewormed. My veterinarian Dr. Greg with Tidewater Trail Animal Hospital welcomes all calls in reference to the puppies. Dr. Greg is very experienced with Mastiffs he owns about six of them himself. The puppies are on a schedule, they eat three times a day and they are bathed down after every meal. They line up for their bath time. They absolutely love it, they are not submerged in water but they are hand washed and towel dried. They are laid down each night at 8 pm and sleep through the night without any issues. I’m a member of the CKC preferred breeders club as well as a member of Purina Pro Plan club. If you have any questions for me please contact me. I look forward to speaking with you.
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