English Bulldog Puppy with AKC Papers for Sale in Boise, Idaho

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English Bulldog
I need to find a loving home for my 2 affectionate English Bulldog . I'm moving out of state and can't take them with me. Jojo is affectionate English Bulldog male, neutered and almost 3 months old. affectionate English Bulldog is white, female, not neutered and 12 weeks old. They still have plenty of energy to play with. affectionate English Bulldog will play fetch for hours. Both love walks and are crate trained and share the crate. Great around people and kids, but would be great to find a older home for them just due to their age.Please help me find a caring home for them. Any questions,playful 2.5 month female English Bulldog all shots spayed and neutered. Very well Christ mass puppy looking for her forever home. Her name is Sadie and she is 2.5 month old. She is very outgoing and a very friendly dog. She is house trained and knows basic commands. She gets along well with other dogs. I have never seen her around pets or young children. Due to my work life I am unfortunately having a hard time properly caring for her. She is spayed. The adoption fee will be negotiated. I am more concerned that she finds a proper home. I preferably would like to see her in a home where someone is around most of the time and has a backyard for her to play. If you are interested please email me your name and LOCATION. THANK YOU.
I am adopting out my baby English Bulldog to the right home. He is a 3 month old male who has only one friend gets around with no trouble and has never known any different. He was rescued from a feral puppy nest in the city when he fell out as baby and I found him . He is as tame now as any hand raised English Bulldog . He can be a territorial of his cage like all English Bulldog but loves attention and likes to be petted when he's in the mood. He eats a pellet diet. He is bonded to a little feet budgie and must stay with him if he is adopted. The budgie is named Winter and he is not tame yet but the two English Bulldog love each other a lot! And keep each other good company. The quaker does not scream hardly at all and is a quiet parrot that entertains himself well with toys and his budgie friend. Food and toys would be included the rehoming fee.


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