Dutch Rabbits for sale, Bonded pair!

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We have four rabbits, and it is proving just too many. We are just not able to dedicate sufficient time and love to all four, and these two pure-bred Dutch bunnies are well-bonded, well litter trained, and partially house trained (they do still like to chew, but I think this could be improved with more time and attention), and I think they would make magnificent pets to the right family. We've tried to let them out to roam, but haven't been able to carve out sufficient space for this to be as regular as needed. They are athletic and it's a joy to watch them bounce, binky, and play! The male was neutered, and while he was previously very affectionate, afterward he was terrified of us. We have been working with him for 6 months, and he now will tolerate petting and is getting better every day. The female seemed to adopt his attitude initially, but now likes petting, though she does not like to be picked up yet. Nail trims are currently done at the vet's office. They love each other very much and spend so much time grooming each other, which is just adorable. I would love to sell them to a forever family. $50 for the pair, including their spacious 2-tier cage.


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