Downtown Grand Rapids - Kittens Available!

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Grand Rapids
Michigan - MI
Located near Leonard and Monroe Ave NE, downtown Grand Rapids.

I have 3 female kittens and one male kitten weaned and ready for new homes!
The girls are 2.5 months old and the boy is 3.5 months old.

They love people and are well behaved, happy, healthy, playful little snuggle bugs.
All are weaned, litter trained, and have never been loose outdoors.

Interview/home visit is required before adoption.

They still need immunizations and neutering.
Neutering can performed prior to adoption upon request, but it would be longer before the kitten can be rehomed and a deposit of $20 would be required.

Please contact [email protected] for inquiries.

641BEA7D-9604-4ACF-BC3A-F883C26DEE9C.jpeg CCCF174B-958A-4C19-B824-49A4FD6C36BF.jpeg

Mouse, female, is black with a white patch on her chest and is likely to be full-grown at about 4 lbs, as she seems to take after her grandmother in that way.
Berlioz (Barry for short), male, is all black and large for his age, a total sweetheart, loves to cuddle up on your shoulder to sleep.
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