Do Pit Bulls Get Along With Cats & Other Dogs?

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There's a question for you. I guess another question is, can a Pit Bull live with a cat? Can you own cats and a Pitbull at the same time? Do cats and Pit Bulls get along? Does the Pitbull chase the cat? There seems to be a real difference of opinion out there and the answers to these questions are in no way consistent.

I've been sitting here all morning reading tons of different comments on this topic and from what I've seen, there seems to be a consensus from people who don't own Pitbulls that Pit Bulls don't get along with cats. This dog has actually been ranked only one star out of five stars for being cat friendly on popular dog related websites. I'm not sure if they're getting this information from friends or from the internet, but the consensus from the people who actually own Pit Bulls is that these dogs are the biggest sweetie pies ever. Now, I totally understand that each Pitbull is going to have its own personality and the people who own dogs that are dangerous in one way or another probably won't comment, so the results here are bound to be skewed. But from what I've seen, there's been some passionate response from Pit Bull owners in regards to their dogs getting along just fine with their cats.

Here are a few of the comments that I've seen. Mind you, these aren't word for word. I didn't want to just steal the comments and paste them here, so I rewrote them:

1. Your dog and cat rankings suck! They are in no way fair and they don't reflect reality one bit. I own four Pits and they get along splendidly with other dogs, especially other Pits. I get the fact that you're attempting to be safe with your ratings, but the fact is, you present those ratings as if they're based on hard fact, which they obviously aren't. Your ratings may refer to just one type of Pit Bull, but not others. It's websites like yours that are giving these great dogs a bad name!

2. The authors of this website have their heads in the sand. I guess you prefer rumor and not fact. Try owning a few Pitbulls and learning how they act before offering random rankings and descriptions to the public to believe. I have two Pitbulls and they TOTALLY LOVE my two cats. Everyone gets along just fine. My dogs watched my two cats grow up from when they were just tiny kittens. Everyone knows that Pitbulls are like humans in that it completely depends on how you raise them. You can raise these dogs to be mean and aggressive or to be very kind and gentle. Even if you owned a Chihuahua puppy, you could train that thing to be a little terror if you wanted to. And really, I honestly think that Chihuahuas are more aggressive than Pitbulls are anyway. My two Pits totally cuddle with me and each other and we sleep together all the time. They lie out on my bed and I pet them when they're sleeping. Even the cats sleep with us, so don't tell me that Pitbulls don't get along with cats. It seems like certain types of people like to beat up on various dog breeds through the years. First it was the German Shepherd that was "dangerous" and then it was the Rottweiler and then the Doberman. I guess it's now the Pit Bull. Geesh. You guys have got to stop this.

3. You've got this backwards. My 75 Pitbull is so sweet and my much smaller Jack Russell is a total jerk. I wish you'd get your facts straight. It's my female German Shepherd who's the alpha in my house.

4. I own many dogs. First, I've got an American Pitbull Terrier and then I've got a Pitbull/Pointer mix, a Lab/Jack Russel mix and then a Chihuahua. Everyone pretty much gets along well. We do have our scuffles here and there, but it's totally the Chihuahua who's the boss in my house. I don't care what people say out there, but I can tell you right now that I'll never not own a Pit. They really are great dogs. I'm willing to say that they're actually the best dog I've ever owned. Out of all the dog breeds that I've owned, no other breed has ever been as loyal, compassionate and loving as my Pit Bulls. All of my dogs are males and it's the Pit Bull who's the biggest baby of the bunch.

So there you have it; some very passionate responses from Pit Bull owners about whether or not these dogs get along with others and with cats. What I'd like to find out is whether or not you have personal experience with this. Do you own a Pitbull? Do your dogs get along with your cat or cats? Were these responses above from the owners of the "good" dogs or do all Pits get along with cats an other dogs? If you know, please reply below. Thanks!
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