David from Farnham, Virginia

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Virginia - VA
My name is David Sweet and I hale from Farnham, Virgina--Farnham is a quiet rural community that doesn't even have a signpost marking its location. Blink twice and you've driven thru Farnham without knowing it.

I moved here almost 8 years ago with a year-old lab puppy, the son of my previous lab--both named Onyx. I am disabled and was at that time also recovering from an additional injury. I needed a companion for my Onyx, and found a rescue who needed me as much as we needed her!

It was rough at first--I discovered that Isabelle had been abused and also had cancer. She's been cancer free for most of 7 years now, and over the ensuing years she's come out of her shell to become a very loving and playful addition to my 'family', which has since grown.

A few years ago I purchased a pair of AC chocolate labs for breeding, and rather soon thereafter I was compelled to sell the male. Having no funds available for more than feeding/caring for my dogs and just enough left over to feed myself once a day, I subsequently bred the female, named Xena, with Onyx. Onyx is a full blood black lab carrying yellow. Their offspring, black, chocolate and yellow labs, moved to new homes quickly.

Xena is due again early December--her puppies will become available in February. My home is going to be a busy place! I kept a female pup from Xena's first litter, making four of my own dogs under my roof....boy am I sooo trained!

I began working with a lady breeder who also purchases from other breeders dogs who've been returned by their owners, to re-sell. Returns are for the usual causes--relocation, owner disabilities or health issues, incompatibility, etc... While these dogs are AKC registered, we are not offering them as papered animals but only as quality pets. We are specializing in larger breeds such as the German Shepherd, Great Dane, Borzoi, Norwegian Wolf Hound, Wolf hybrids, Husky, etc

I am a dedicated owner/foster homer and as I am currently foster-homing 4 young German Shepherds and two Great Dane puppies in addition to the four labs of my own. I almost never leave the farm. I will be undertaking the construction of sheds suitable for kenneling, and my business partner and I (she lives in Maryland) are starting to look for a larger tract of land to expand and centralize our kenneling facilities.

I should have started working with fostering and re-homing dogs a long time ago--I am currently very happy--all I could wish for is a LTR with a like-minded and dog-dedicated woman to move forward with. My family is pictured below



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Great intro David! Welcome to the website!



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do you currently have any female black lab puppies?
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No, I do not--the last of my current litter will be re-homed next week--they went fast, sorry
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