Crested Geckos For Sale in Saline, Michigan


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crested geckos
$40 each
Michigan - MI
These 3 lovely crested gecko ladies were a surprise to us! We purchased the mom from a local pet store and did not know that female crested geckos can retain the male's sperm in their bodies for an extended period of time. The female we purchased laid several clutches of eggs shortly after we purchased her. The first clutch produced the eldest gecko, Delilah, a beautiful reddish color crested gecko. The second clutch produced 2 geckos, Crestie (harlequin markings) and Frill (lighter in color and dropped her tail). Delilah is a little over a year old and Crestie and Frill are 10 months old. We love these beautiful, sweet girls and have grown quite attached to them but 3 crested geckos plus mom is a little too much for us, especially since they prefer to be housed individually. We want to see them go to a gentle, loving home. We have been taking excellent care of them by handling them gently and only at night since they're nocturnal, keeping them well fed on a diet of crickets dusted with vitamins and on Repashy, a fruit paste made fresh daily along with fresh water. Since we are more interested in re-homing these crested geckos, we're selling them at a reduced price of $40 each.
Please note that I will not ship these gals and therefore, only interested in dealing locally with interested persons. Please contact me with any questions that you may have regarding crested gecko care requirements.


Thank you!
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