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Colorado - CO
I live in Colorado Springs. I raised a large family. We were blessed with 3 children biologically and were blessed to adopt 5 more children. I always had several dogs and cats and even horses, birds and fish at one time. The more children I had, the smaller my dogs became. Several years ago I was in a bad car accident 2 minutes after leaving work. It is a long and painful story. Within less than 4 years, I was hospitalized 8 times and faced 7 operations. My beloved disabled daughter and our precious and most beloved pets brought so much happiness to me. My daughter and I enjoyed raising 3 litters of toy puppies. We cared for them 24/7. I slept in the same room with my little dogs. Twice my new mother dog nudged me to wake me up to check her babies. One had gotten out of their nice warm bed and the other had gone in between their blankets. All were fine. The first litter were 4 tiny pups. Their mother was a chocolate Chorky and their father was a Lhasa/Shiranian. All were gorgeous and so tiny. We wanted to keep them all, but we could only keep one. Two ladies and their families came to see them. A young married woman fell in love with the smallest baby. It was mutual love. Odie and her are inseparable! The grown daughter's mother adored the puppies so much, that she came back for her favorite one, Bailey. The last family drove well over an hour and left with the last puppy, Prince. I still hear from each lady to this day. I love seeing their photos and hearing how much they love their pups. One owner said that her little dog was the most loving dog that she had ever had. She said that she knew they were raised with a lot of love.❤
The little boy, Cory Joe, that we kept fathered a litter of 3 gorgeous puppies, while I was recovering from a major spinal surgery and couldn't drive. He was too young to become a father, so I thought! However, the darling puppies soon found wonderful homes and yes, I kept one of the little girls. Another impossible choice! I had so many requests from people that saw the photos of the 3 little girls and wanted one. So my beautiful Shihpoo, Paisley had one last litter and the dad, Cory Joe had his "special" surgical procedure, thus No more future puppies. 😥 We do have two handsome little boys 🐶🐶
who are looking for their loving Forever Family, I am hoping that a loving family will see their photos and find them irresistible. Perhaps, it could be you. :)


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I'm very interested if still available please contact me!


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Your story was soo sweet . I never thought I’d me one here reading this . I appreciate you telling your story . Happy New Year 🎆 to you and your 💕 lovely daughter .
So glad the furbabies brought you peace . Your baby paisley is so cute and sweet . I luv her and people like you make it simplistic for people like me to live in this world . I wish you a the best in health and wealth . Please fell fre


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Please feel free to contact me . I have make 2/4 pound males , I’d luv to breed your baby doll paisley xoxo 💋. I’d come to you and bring my boys . Guaranteed you’ll be in love 🥰
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