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My name is Bella Berry, and I am a cockatiel, a bird species native to Australia. I am 3 years old and am energetic, loving, and playful. Currently, I am not very happy with my owner, for he doesn’t seem to be taking care of me properly. When I am let out of my cage to socialize with him and his family, he immediately puts me back in, for I am a “constant flyer,” and a “danger to myself”. As you can see, I am not very pleased with how I am being treated, and I wish to be rehomed. My owner does not uncover me as quickly or as much when I am awake. My owner and his family spend more time with the 2 german shepherds they own, which makes me feel as though I am forgotten. All of my toys and the cage are included with the purchase of buying me for a total of $200. I’m clearly not loved by anybody, which is why I am writing this message, for I am seeking a new owner and family. For more information, contact me at 714-679-2329, or email me at @[email protected]


Bella Berry


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