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Two beautiful cockapoo puppies for sale. Male is Merle and female is light Apricot. They are 7 months old and are crate trained, know basic commands and are trained to ring a hanging bell on the door when they need to go potty. They are given daily vitamins, and have been feed Simply Nourish since they came home. They are very sweet loving dogs. I am forced to have to sell my fur babies due to an unknown looming divorce. I have 3 kids and have been a stay at home mom for 13 years. This is a hard decision and I only want the best for my two fur babies. They are young enough to adjust to their fur ever homes. They are two weeks apart in age and by different parents, my original plan was to breed them. I would like to keep them together, but am willing to separate them. The male is named Chandler and the female is named Honey. Text only 9802191691


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