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Hi I would like to take a moment and tell you all about my self, and my business. My grandma and I have been selling chihuahuas as a hobby for the past 7 some odd years. We have a web site at We are located in Huffman TX. Recently due to a car accident my grandmother is no longer able to Pursue this hobby anymore, leaving only me.

I have decided to also offer a newer breed known as a chipitt or pithuahua. A friend of mine has a female brindle pithuahua Buttercup, who we introduced to my blue male chihuahua Bentley. They hit it off and I now have some beautiful puppies to offer. This is generally considered a designer dog. They are so much fun in a small package. They are very energetic and outgoing dogs, and do require a lot of exercise and out door activities.

I do offer pure breed chihuahuas of all types also. Including long hair and short hair with a variety of coat colors such as but not limited to chocolate, white, blue, red, black, and Black and Tan. Blues and whites are very hard to find and popular colors. I do not register the puppies ahead of time and I offer them for a reasonable price. They can be registered by their new owners if they want. We always offer a 72 hour health guarantee, in which the buyer has a 72 hour window to have their new puppy fully vet checked. If there are any problems with the puppy we fully refund the price of puppy upon return of the puppy with a vet statement of health. they are always up to date on vaccinations and kept on a regular deworming schedule.
I take a lot of pride in my puppies and I only have a limited number of puppies a year due to this being namely a hobby.


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