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Chihuahua long haired mix
I have three Chihuahua Mix dogs for sale
2 are girls and 1 is a boy
2 are spayed and neutered however one isn’t.

Eko:The brown and white one is neutered, he is very active and likes to run a lot.

Cinnabun: she is spayed. she has very fluffy dark brown fur with white socks on her two front feet. She is very sweet and likes to walk but prefers to sit on a couch and get attention.

Mae: she is the smallest out of all of them and the shyest as well. Not sure why she is afraid of a lot of things and doesn’t like to be left alone. I hope she’ll go to a family with no kids or at least older kids who won’t be tough with her. She needs a lot of patience and needs to gain trust. She is very adorable and likes to be playful. She is light brown with white socks on her two front feet.

They will come with anything I have bought for them including collars and leashes and any medical history.


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