Featured Captive Bred Caiman Lizard (Dracaena Guianensis) for Sale


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Caiman Lizard
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We have the following Caiman lizards (dracaena guianensis) for sale:

1- 1,1 Caiman Lizard (dracaena guianensis)

Very rare to find a pair of these caiman lizards.
They have beautiful red heads and blue/ green bottle body colour with golden under belly.
Arboreal aquatic lizard, in the wild 80% of diet consists of snails or cray fish.
They eat good quality dog food , Turkey pieces, mince meat, etc. They are around 18 inches ( 45.7cm ) long . Asking $1000 for the pair.

2-Captive Bred Caiman Lizard Babies (dracaena guianensis).

We only get these guys a couple times a year and they do go fast! We have a nice group of Caiman Lizard (Dracaena guianensis) babies available. They are all around 8-12 inches (20cm-31cm) in size. All are eating good and are healthy. These are awesome lizards. Nice bright red heads. All were handpicked for the best looks, health and temperament. babies will go for $350.00 each
100% Guaranteed Live & Healthy Arrival . Contact us for more information.


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Hi I was wondering how many babies you've got left for sale, I was looking to purchase one in about a month as I am waiting for my tank to be finished!
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