Cane Corso for Adoption in Dallas, Texas

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Cane Corso
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Bruno looking for a new furever home

Hello all, I am located in Dallas, Texas and have a 2 yr old Cane Corso named Bruno. He is a super sweet loving boy who needs someone who can give him 1 on 1 time and is experienced with large dogs. Must be a male owner. He is unaltered and just a bit too much for us to handle anymore. We love him dearly and want to ensure he will be going to a home that has knowledge of the breed, has the space, and time to put into working with him. He doesn't do well around other animals. He is about 110 lbs. He has already had basic obedience done with Mans Best Friend. He has been raised as a primarily outside dog as well. We hate to get rid of him but deep down we know someone else can give him the love and attention he needs better than we can. It came down to whether we want to be selfish and keep Bruno despite knowing we don't have the means to care for him or if we want to find him a better home knowing he will be loved and cared for the way he deserves. And receive the exercise and space he needs to run and be healthy.


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