Breeding pair of Great Pyrenees

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Great Pyrenees
La Farge
We've been raising Great Pyrenees for 10 years as livestock guard dogs and now it's time to cut back. So we're selling our breeding pair that has produced 4 wonderful litters so far. The dam Xena is a registered AKC beauty who is currently pregnant and due July 4th. The sire Coto is a beautiful purebred with a friendly nature. Each previous litter has netted us $4-5,000 and this one (yours!) should too. Asking $2000 for the pair.
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Do you still have pair available??
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Still available. Do you need our contact info?
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Yes, please. Did she have puppies yet?
I have two Great Pyrenees currently- they are great dogs. We are going to breed them when our female comes in her next heat. We live out in the country on over 10 acres and of course they keep everything away :).
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Can you send pics?
Please send contact info
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