Breed/Show class WCF Sphynx kittens available


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We are a group of WCF registered catteries with offices in:
  • Russia for USA, Europe, Spain, Great Britain, Asia and other countries.
  • Bolivia for USA, South America countries and Spain.

We have few kittens of BREED and SHOW class, also Pet class kittens available.
  • Excellent pedigree, many Champions and Grand Champions in pedigree WCF line
  • Character: affectionate, playful, friendly and sociable, adores different games and interacts well with children, beautiful, cheerful, communicative, friendly, gentle, happy, kindly, nimble
  • They are very smart, respond well to the mood of the owner.
  • Love communication, tenderness, warmth of human hands and attention.
  • Get along with other animals.
  • Trained to hygiene and care procedures.
  • Our babies at the time of the move will be litter and scratch trained, and also vet checked, wormed, vaccinated up to date and microchipped.
The price is $1700 - $2500 dollars per kitten plus shipping by cargo:
to Miami, Washington or New York: price + $1000 dollars.
to Canada: price + $1100 dollars.
to London: price + €900 euros.
to Spain: price + €650 euros.
The cost of delivery to other cities must be calculated additionally, for this write to us.

Please contact us or visit for more information!


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