Boston Terriers Puppies For Sale in Columbus, Texas


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Boston Terrier
$700 & $800
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We have two pups for sale, $800 for the male Louie (he is more of a red) $700 for the girl Betty Boop (she is black & white). They were born on 06/03/19. They are good with cats as far as not being aggressive, they do like to play around with them though.. funny pups. They have a kennel schedule that they do well with and they keep there bathroom business on their potty pad. They know the words and phrases; outside and are you hungry. They come to whistles and kissy sounds and C'mon. When you tell them no or to stop messing with something they are pretty good about listening. They live with their mama "Jaime" (Black & White w/Red)and have been handled a lot. Their Dad (Brindle) is registered with papers, but Jaime's owner didn't get the papers when he got his Jaime (Mama Dog). They love outside and Tug O' War … They have designated socks I let them play with so you'll have to keep your sock put away, I found out. Baloo is the 3rd pup, he is Blue and White he's my little buddy. THese dogs aren't meant to be hot so, they cant get overheated. Their nose doesn't allow them to cool down as easily as other dogs.