Boston Terrier for Sale - Rare Splash Color - Super Unique!


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Boston Terrier
Sandy or Wichita
In 27 years of breeding I have never had this color before. He is totally unique and so cool! He has a black bottom with a white ring around his tail, a black tail with a white tip. Spotted with the back around each eye! White body. So odd for a Boston Terrier! His personality is outstanding. He is outgoing and friendly, smart and snoopy! This guy is on the calmer side and would SO make a great therapy dog or dog to go visit nursing homes and hospitals with. He LOVES kids and people and really wants to be friends and please you. He has a sibling who is his near opposite too! Almost all black but with that same fantastic personality. I'll make sure the kids have age appropriate shots (I give them 2 puppy shots) a kennel cough shot, a neopar shot (that is the latest the breeders seminars say you need, it is a high titer parvo shot against several different strains than is in their normal puppy shots), regular wormings, a vet check and full right registration papers. Contact me for information, more pictures etc, on my website I post weekly pictures so you can watch them grow. I have these kids and another litter of kids. These kids will be ready to go to their forever homes on January 29th, the other kids are Valentines babies!

I live in Oregon but also have a farm in Kansas so I can get the puppy to either place easily. I have to go back and forth this time of year to do taxes anyway.


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