Border Collie/Blue Heeler Pups


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Border Collie & Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)
Date Born
Location: City
Kettle Falls
Location: State
2 female pups available
One marked EXACTLY like a Heeler
Other marked more like a Border Collie, but with lots of freckles on her white markings
5 weeks old now
Available to their new homes 7/23/19
Working cowdogs on both genetic sides all the way back
Both are VERY HIGH ENERGY breeds!! Study up on their needs if you are not familiar with them already. Willing to sell to a non-farm setting as long as the interested party understands the needs of the dog and can provide an energy outlet.
Willing to ship out of state to the right person. The shipping cost would be added to the cost of the pup.
Please note: for those of you unfamiliar with the Blue Heeler breed. The whiter pup is already showing some speckling coming in. She will be super blue, not sure how dark or light of shade, but her white areas will not stay white except for a forehead marking which is very common in the breed and her tail will probably stay white on the end.
Pictures taken at 4 weeks of age. Updated pictures available upon request.