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Blue/Gold Macaw
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March 6, 2013
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I have my 8 year old Blue and Gold Macaw for sale. She is tame , but could do with some more time spent on her.
She is more a bird for a male owner more then a female.
I've had her for the past 5 years and she has been a great bird , she can talks a limited amount of words.
She does not swear.
She has her moments like we all do were she likes to be left alone.
She has never attacked anyone, but she will worn you if she wants to be left alone.
The reason I'm having to sell her is because of ill health with my self and I can't give her the length time she needs attention for.
The sale of my bird is very reluctant.
So if you are interested in buying her, please make sure you have the time that is needed to but in as it's not a bird you can just leave in a cage and just feed and water.
She will come with all that I have here for her. (Cage, toys, feed bowls, toys and food.
Please bear in mind that these birds live between 40-50 years.
So if you wish to buy my bird please be sure you can look at having her for a long time.
This bird has not had her wings clipped so she will fly away if doors and window are left open.
I never like to have there wings clipped but if you are worried about her flying away, you can take her to a vet that birds are there speciality and have them clipped your self.
If you need more information
Please don't hesitate to contact me
Thanks for reading my ad.


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