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Sep 29, 2019
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Hank is up for stud to qualified females. $450 stud fee day of service. He is AKC registered and current on Vaccines and worming. Located in Hillsboro, Ohio. We do have a fenced in area with shelter. The female is welcome to stay during breeding a few days or whatever is needed if they do not tie up at first, some females arent exactly ready when u think they should be. You just supply your dog food. 9375025096. He is proven 8x. Female must be wormed prior to coming to protect her litter from getting worms and our stud as well as flea treatment. Need document of current shots or reciept if you do your own shots. We do write a contract to benefit you. If your female doesnt take we offer another free stud service as you already paid. We have only had that happen once and thats due to the females heat cycle was almost done. We consider a litter 3 pups or more. If your dog only has 2 pups will do another breeding free of charge next time you want to breed as long as you skip a heat cycle
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