Black & Tan, Full-Vetted, AKC-Registered German Shepherd Black & Tan 

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Cote' de Grace

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Dec 4, 2019
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German Shepherd
First off, thank you for taking the time to learn more about our pups, they sure are special! Justice is a black and tan male German Shepherd who will be 6 months old on January 2nd. He has been dewormed a total of four times, had all the 10-in-1 vaccines, booster shot of rabies, three wellness checks with the vet & released by the vet, had first dose of heartgard and started on it monthly as of December 29th, on monthly flea&tick medicine, his social skills are simply impressive (our vet commented on them saying she has never since a litter so socially trained in her entire career!), his obedience training is near completed (sit, stay, come, heel, walking on a leash); German bloodline goes back to 1904 and has 46 champions within the last 5 generations! His grandfather is Time Traveler from the Westminster dog show! The litter is registered with the AKC as well. He will be sent home with a vet booklet stating all records, a binder full of all information since birth, and a few other cute little things as gifts. We have been there with this litter since momma had them in her belly: whether it was giving her extra food, or when they came checking on them and being their throughout the entire labor, to bottle-feeding, to training them, loving them, and just simply making sure they could fit perfectly in to any family! They can be trained to be a service dog, companion dog, therapy dog, family dog, show dog, whatever you desire! If you have any questions or are looking for specific traits, please contact us. We love talking about our pups and making sure you truly find your furever friend! We are located in Verona, VA. We have lots & lots of pictures as he was growing, pictures of both mom & dad (they are our dogs and located on our facility), pictures of us growing us a business, pictures of the pups all together...anything you could think of, if you'd like to see any please just ask! Our names are Douglas & Bethany Cote', we are a father-daughter team, and call our facility Cote' de Grace. Again, thank you for looking at our pups and we look forward to hearing from you!


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Black & Tan, Full-Vetted, AKC-Registered German Shepherd was posted on 12-30-2019 by Cote' de Grace in the German Shepherd forum.

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