Black Lab / Aussie Mix & Black Lab Mix in Smithville, Missouri Black 


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Dec 30, 2019
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Female: black lab aussie mix, Male: black lab mix
$50 negotiable

I have two dogs I need to rehome as soon as possible. We had a premature baby and found out that the dogs pose respiratory issues for him. He is set to come home soon. The dogs do not have to be rehomed together but we would love knowing that they have each other. Samson is male. Josie is female. Both are black lab mixes. Both are better either together or the only dogs in the household. They both love to be inside with their people. We have a one year old boy and they act indifferent around him. We have friends that have kids around 4 years old and they act the same. If the kids in the household are older both Samson and Josie will see them as the adults too. They both love attention and lovins. They were apartment dogs for most of their lives and love the indoors. They like walks on their leashes. We have a single kennel, dog food, dog toys and they each have brand new dog bed. Neither have ever been kenneled when we leave the house, but they do enjoy getting on the furniture when we aren't home, fyi. Both in good health, spayed/neutered, house trained, up to date on all shots. Thanks. Small rehoming fee. Cross posted.


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