Belgian Malinois Puppy for Sale in Santa Cruz, California


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Belgian malinois
Santa cruz
I I bought a Belgian Malinois puppy from a friend of a friend but couldn't keep her anymore. But then it turns out that my living situation I can't keep her. It's not my home and the people I live with decided against it after a few days. I'm really sad. All I want is the money that I paid for her back, she's a really great dog. She's about 5 months old, unfortunately he didn't know her birthday because he adopted her from a rescue. She's super smart and I'm really good dog and very trainable I've been working with her and she's doing great. She needs her exercise of course and when she gets it she is a good sleeper and rests, she's not hyper all the time. But she really does need a lot of vigilant attention and play time. She needs to go to a home where people have the time and ability to take her out on good walks and let her run and play. She's very socialized she's played with different dogs every day that I've had her. her name is chula and she is a wonderful dog.




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Hello Julia Craig, we are interested in your pup and would like to meet him. How can we get in touch with you? Thank you.
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