Beautiful & Sweet Champagne & White English Bulldog Female


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English Bulldog
Boca Raton
This 22 mo. old English Bulldog puppy was born and bred by me & my mother from our beloved family EB “Ladybug”. We fell so much in love with them, we kept all the females. I recently got a divorce and moved all the way from Texas to south Florida. I have too many pets, so I must re-home a few.

I named this one “Honey” because of her gorgeous champagne colored coat, and because she is just so SWEET!!!

I have cats & other dogs that she gets along well with. I feed them all together so they never fight over food. She minds very well, is housebroken, & is ALWAYS EAGER to please.

Because she is a personal pet of mine that I helped our vet bring into this world, I will only allow her to go to a home that I approve of. I will need to see where she will live and meet who will be taking care of her. I do not have children, so ahe is kind of my child.

She has a sister named “Lovebug” that I also must sell that is a rare black & white seal. I would LOVE it if I could sell them together. We paid $4,000 for their black and white seal mother, so Lovebug is more expensive. I would sell them as a pair for $5,500.


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