Beautiful Husky, German Shepard, and Wolf Mix Puppy for Sale in California


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Husky, German Shepherd, Wolf
San Diego
Hi everyone I have an absolutely beautiful Husky, German Shepherd,and wolf 6 month old puppy I’m looking to sell to a good home. Her name is Lady and I really wish I didn’t have to but I don’t have a yard for her to play in and I work way to much to give her the attention and dedication she deserves. She’s super sweet and surprising very quite. Only when she’s real playful does she bark and that’s even not much. She’s great with other dogs. So much so she forgets any manners or training just too see and say hi to them. I’ve only had had her two months but I just had her fixed and she had double dewclaws I had removed because i was afraid she was gonna catch them on something eventually. I have papers showing her rabies shot too. I got her in not the best shape and I’ve spend 1000 dollars in two months on anything I could do to get her back 100%. BTW it’s impossible to walk her without getting at minimum 10 complements on how gorgeous she is! I’m asking $1000 for her but willing to work with a good family or individual that has the time to give her the time and dedication she needs! If you have any more questions please ask!


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