Beagle, Boxer, Lab and Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies


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Beagle, Boxer, Lab, Australian Shepherd
Hi! We are all for sale because our grandparents cant afford to keep us all! We are looking for a family that will love us and take good care of us. We require blue buffalo puppy food (its our favorite), snuggles, and at least 5 kisses daily. We have all been to the vet so we know we are healthy and have had our first round of vaccines. Our grandparents only want the money back they paid from the vet as a 're-housing fee'. We are working on potty training, and we are all 3 months old. Our parents are both mixed, so altogether we are boxer, beagle, lab, and Australian shepherd. We each got a little personality and looks from each breed we are.
Lewie is the only boy, and is the most fluffy, well behaved, and vocal.
Mollie is the biggest of us all, and is very skittish and nervous.
Runt is the baby of the bunch, very adventurous, communicative, and vocal when it comes to mealtimes!
Jacalyn looks the most like our dad, and is the sweetest of us all.
Our pictures are in order as follows, Jacalyn, Lewie, Runt, and Mollie.
We all would love new homes, especially if there are kids or other dogs. We love kids and friends!! We dont know how we would act around cats, just never had the opportunity to find out. Please contact our grandma at (919)691-9665. She would love to tell you more about us individually or as a family of pups!!


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