Baby Hedgehogs with Rare Facial Markings for Sale in Prosper, Texas

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6 baby hedgehogs available for reservation! Each has unique markings, and character; these very sweet little ones were born on 10/1/19. They will be ready for their forever homes on 11/19/19!
We are a family-owned business with a lifelong pair of hedgehogs to learn more about our mission, visit our website attached below.

The Rare facial markings within this litter are-
- Split face and mismatched ears (half black and half white face with one pink and one black ear) = 300$
- Blaze and snips (white stripe down the face) (little pink line or spot on the nose) = 200$
- Pinto (splotches of white on spines) = 150$
You can reserve a baby for a 50$ deposit that will be subtracted from the total cost at pick up

Call my landline (469) 481-6056 and leave a message with your name and number and I will get back to you ASAP!
you can also follow my social media page on Instagram to watch these little ones grow up! @Sophiashappyhedgehogs

Please also visit my website for helpful information on how to care for a hedgehog and the supplies needed-->


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