Australian Shepherd for Sale in Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Australian Shepherd
I have a dog I need re-homed, he's around five and he's 46 pounds. All of his shots are up to date and he is fixed. I was told he's an Australian Shepherd from the man my mother bought her from but his fur isn't really like other Australian Shepherds so I'm unsure. He's very hyper and friendly (with people.) He is a very clingy animal, and has extreme separation anxiety, therefore he hates his crate-time. He doesn't get along with other animals well at all, fights will ensue. He will tolerate cats (I have two) however he will switch up and get aggressive with them randomly. He has food aggression too, he doesn't really snap at humans but he will at any animal that comes close. He also hates car rides and baths. He loves kids, tennis balls, chicken, and eggs. I'm rehoming him due to the fact that he isn't the nicest with my cats and I don't have a fenced yard for him to play in so I can't truly care for him properly. I'm asking for a rehoming fee of $1,000. This also comes with his crate, his cooling pad, a bag of his food, leashes, collars and his food bowl. Please contact for more details if you're interested, the price will NOT change.


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